Schaeffers Harley Davidson scammed me with their rewards program

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So, i've been living near Schaeffers Harley Davidson for five years and have been spending fair amounts of money there on what I know is overpriced merchandise, parts and service. I know this because I have checked out other dealerships within a reasonable radius in person and online, but often decided to support my local shop if the price difference wasn't too ridiculous. One thing I found enticing was their rewards program. Every time I would spend $50 I would get a punch card, which they would punch a hole in for every $50 spent during that purchase. The idea is that once you get 10 holes punched you get to trade that in for $50 gift card. So the other day I take all of my punch cards in to exchange them for my gift cards so I can buy some new riding equipment for a trip I was making that day and the Schaeffers employee told me, for the first time in five years, that the punch cards cannot be combined! I said this can't be. I have bought many things even from the guys that was telling me this and he and everyone else always very willingly punched a new card wen I made a purchase and never mentioned that each particular card needed 10 punches on that specific card. I told them that this can't be. I have spent thousands of dollars here, participated in this rewards program and was entitled to several hundred dollars worth of gift cards. He wouldn't budge, wouldn't even have the conversation.

I can tell you that I was in no way surprised by the Schaeffers Harley Davidson treatment towards me. I see what they sell their bikes for compared to other stores and the prices are just outrageous. They use strategically aggressive sales tactics and smile at you till they are blue in the face while they try to rake in bigger profits than any other dealership I know of.

I also just recently took one of mu bikes to them for possible sale or trade in. I was pleased to see a less expensive model of the bike that I was showing them on the sales floor, same year, same color, but fairly used and with over 30,000 miles on it retailing for $19,000. My bike is practically brand new with only 3,000 miles on it and has an upgrade package that makes it sell for anywhere from $5k - $10K more than the used inferior bike they were selling for $19K. So, I know they need to make money on their bikes and I was expecting a low price, but not $12,500!! $12,500 for an extremely low mileage Screamin Eagle Bike that they would no doubt retail for less than $24,000. I saw the other low mileage screaming eagle bikes they were selling and the prices are outrageous.

Anyway, the rewards program scam is just unacceptable. Don't create an awards program and then have your employees support customer purchases in a way that they will never be able to use the program. That is unethical and bad business.

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